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July Show and Share

Thanks to Irene for the pictures.

Next Meeting Sept. 4th at Dianna’s home.


Show and Share

Meeting held at Linda’s, again thank you, next meeting July 3 at Wilma’s.

Show and Share

Thank you to Jo for hosting our meeting.

Next meeting at Irene’s May 1.

Show and Share at the Christmas Banquet!

Next meeting January 2 at Hilda’s house.

Thank you to Sanette and Christel for this month’s pictures.


Show and Share Oct.

Next meeting at Christel’s Nov 7.

Show and Share from Saskatoon:

Show and Share for July

PWW members participated in the local Craik, SK parade;

Show and Share for April

May meeting is at Irene’s home.

Show and Share

Hosted by Mary. Next meeting at Colin’s March 2.

December Show and Share

Meeting and Christmas potluck at Aylesbury Hall.