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Next meeting is the Christmas Party potluck at the Aylesbury Hall, at 12 noon – significant others welcome!


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Thanks Dawn for sharing your house for the meeting. October meeting will be at Pat’s house.

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Thank you to Jo for hosting our meeting.

Next meeting at Irene’s May 1.

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Thanks for hosting us Sanette!

Next meeting APRIL 10 at Jo’s.

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Thanks Linda for hosting the meeting – Again!

Show and Share at the Christmas Banquet!

Next meeting January 2 at Hilda’s house.

Thank you to Sanette and Christel for this month’s pictures.


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Thank you Christel for hosting the meeting.

Next meeting Christmas Party at Aylesbury Hall at noon.

Sharing photos, thanks Andrea for photographing the group warp:

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Linda’s and Craik’s Canada Day Parade float


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Better late than…

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