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Thank you to Elaine for hosting the meeting and to Andrea for taking the pictures!

Next meeting Aug 13 at Dawn’s


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Thank you Jo for hosting the meeting.

Next meeting June 4th at MaryBelle’s home.

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Thank you Sanette for hosting the April meeting. Next meeting: May 7th at Jo’s home.

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Thanks Irene for stepping forward (twice) to host our meeting!

Next meeting April 9 at Sanette’s.

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Thank you to Linda for hosting the January meeting.

Next meeting: Feb 5 at Wilma’s

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Next meeting is the Christmas Party potluck at the Aylesbury Hall, at 12 noon – significant others welcome!

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Meeting held at Pat’s house, thank you.

Next meeting Nov. 6 at Christel’s.

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Thanks Dawn for sharing your house for the meeting. October meeting will be at Pat’s house.

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Thanks to Irene for the pictures.

Next Meeting Sept. 4th at Dianna’s home.

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Meeting held at Linda’s, again thank you, next meeting July 3 at Wilma’s.