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We had to cancel the March meeting. Winter road conditions made attendance difficult. Our April meeting was not much better for weather conditions, however, most people made it to the meeting except those trapped in a ditch!

Next meeting at Bev’s house weather permitting…

Jo's Jamaican palm hat lesson

Jo’s Jamaican palm hat lesson

MaryBell's towels1

MaryBell’s towels1

MaryBell'sTea towels

MaryBell’sTea towels

MaryBell's towels

MaryBell’s towels

MaryBell's pretrip weaving

MaryBell’s pretrip weaving

Christel's centre piece1

Christel’s centre piece1

Linda's four shaft overshot

Linda’s four shaft overshot

MaryBell's Handspun reminants

MaryBell’s Handspun reminants

MaryBell's Handspun Fibonacci knit

MaryBell’s Handspun Fibonacci knit

MaryBell's Tea cozy

MaryBell’s Tea cozy

MaryBell's Tea cozy1

MaryBell’s Tea cozy1

Anna's re-purposed shawl

Anna’s re-purposed shawl

Madelaine's Angle woven scarf1

Madelaine’s Angle woven scarf1

Madelaine's Angle woven scarf

Madelaine’s Angle woven scarf

MaryBell's socks

MaryBell’s socks

Anna's re-purposed shawl

Anna’s re-purposed shawl

MaryBell's socks1

MaryBell’s socks1

Wilma's cocoon shrug

Wilma’s cocoon shrug

Wilma's cocoon shrug1

Wilma’s cocoon shrug1

Wilma's cocoon shrug2

Wilma’s cocoon shrug2

Bev's purchased purse

Bev’s purchased purse

Linda's four shaft overshot1

Linda’s four shaft overshot1

Linda's eight shaft overshot

Linda’s eight shaft overshot

Linda's overshot

Linda’s overshot

Linda's eight shaft overshot2

Linda’s eight shaft overshot2

Linda's eight shaft overshot3

Linda’s eight shaft overshot3

Linda's four shaft overshot2

Linda’s four shaft overshot2

Linda's overshot1

Linda’s overshot1

Linda's eight shaft overshot4

Linda’s eight shaft overshot4

Linda's eight shaft overshot5

Linda’s eight shaft overshot5

Linda's eight shaft overshot6

Linda’s eight shaft overshot6

Linda's four shaft overshot3

Linda’s four shaft overshot3

Linda's weaving projects1

Linda’s weaving projects1

Linda's weaving projects

Linda’s weaving projects

Linda's eight shaft overshot7

Linda’s eight shaft overshot7

Christel's woven wool throw

Christel’s woven wool throw

Christel's woven square poncho

Christel’s woven square poncho

Christel's matching muff

Christel’s matching muff

Christel's woven cape

Christel’s woven cape

Christel's dryer sheet book cover

Christel’s dryer sheet book cover

Christel's dryer sheet card

Christel’s dryer sheet card

Christel's centre piece

Christel’s centre piece

Christel's centre piece2

Christel’s centre piece2

Christel's centre piece3

Christel’s centre piece3

Christel's centre piece4

Christel’s centre piece4

Christel's wash towels

Christel’s wash towels